The Woodlands Home Sales and Inventory Report – June 2018

Hi friends!  Summer is here! While you may be preparing for your summer vacation, getting ready to make those necessary home repairs, or maybe you are lucky to relax and enjoy this heat poolside, here’s a quick housing market report for The Woodlands!


Selection Is Excellent!

Mortgage Rates On The Rise, Move Swiftly↑

It’s a Seller’s market below $600,000 and a Buyer’s Market Above $600.000


Below $600,000 = Seller’s Market.

Above $600,000 = Buyer’s Market.

Talking Points

  • There are 814 active listings to choose from.  $149,900 to $7,850,000.
  • There are only 5 properties for sale below $200,000.
  • For Sale listing inventory is down 18.42% compared to last years selection at this time. This is positive news, less inventory means less competition between sellers.
  • For buyers, less inventory means less selection and more competition between home buyers for prime properties.
  • Average Days On Market for active listings 68 Days.
  • The Average Active List Price = $802,160
  • The Median Active List Price = $517,500
  • The Average List Price of properties placed Under Contract in April = $504,017
  • The Median List Price of properties placed Under Contract in February = $409,450
  • Important!  Of the 220 sales in April, 62% sold in 31 days or less.  145/234
  • Average Days On Market for listings placed Under Contract in April = 38 Days On Market. Well marketed listings are selling faster and Average Days On Market are drifting steadily lower.
  • We are experiencing strong showing appointment activity and impressive Open House traffic.  As a result we expect the velocity of sales to remain strong through August. Historically, May, June and July are the most active sales month of the year.

In Conclusion:

Sellers: Competition among sellers remains real. However, due to smaller inventory and selection, selling conditions are improved over 2017.  Especially in the under $500,000 price range. We expect buyer activity to remain strong through August. Historically, May, June and July are the most active sales month of the year. We don’t anticipate spiking sales prices, we do anticipate properties selling faster.

62% of all the listing that went under contract in May were on the market less than 31 days.  New, well positioned listings are selling fast. Especially under $600,000.

To become a successful seller in this market requires smart strategy and an All-In mentality. All-In for both the listing agent, and the seller.

Buyers: Selection remains excellent today, but not for long. Shrinking inventory brings shrinking selection. For Prime Properties, more competition between buyers as we move into spring and summer.

Mortgage rates and monthly payments remain beautifully low, but on the rise.  Motivated Sellers are eager to hear from you. It’s a safe and smart time to make your move. Competition among buyers will elevate as we enter spring and summer.  If you’re considering a move, the sooner the better.

Thanks to Ken Brand for pulling together the most up-to-date market info for our area!

If you would like more information about your neighborhood, or a market report for a different area, please let us know!